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[re]craft - waste not, want not

[re]design launched an inspiring new Make-It-Yourself book and exhibition in Sweden summer 2013:

Dalslands konstmuseum
464 40 Åsensbruk

[re]craft features step-by-step instructions for two dozen fantastic designs made from domestic waste.

[re]craft designers:

a secret club
Anthony Dickens Studio

Charlie Davidson
Danielle Lowy
David Stovell
Hoyan Ip
Jason Taylor
Jon Male
Julie Fry
Linda Ecalle
Lizzie Lee
Lottie Smith (with Makedo)
Rebecca Alderman
Samantha Queen
Sarah Turner
Viveka Thakker
Zosia Poulter

Illustrated by Liv Bargmann

The exhibition was very well received, and the initial print run sold out. It was "totally brilliant" according to museum curator Bodil Soderlund.

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