[re]design 05 @ The Dray Walk Gallery, Old Truman Brewery

21-25 September 2005

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[re]design 05: The first London Design Festival exhibition to make sustainable design its focus!

[re]design 05 was a five-day celebration of friendly design – showcasing over 100 desirable designs that are friendly to the individual, society and the environment.

The [re]design team handpicked 50 exciting companies, from established and award winning eco-design names to up-and-coming new designers, proving that “good” can also be gorgeous.

Additional show features were the [re]design 05 salon- an interactive space for visitors to play, draw and debate current issues in sustainable design, and the [re]design 05 seminars- a series of inspiring evenings of insight and debate around friendly design.

The work was labelled with our unique [re]strategies key to highlight the range of approaches adopted by the designers:

[re]duce – designs that minimize waste and raise awareness of resource use.
[re]source – designs using renewable natural materials, managed to ensure a sustainable long-term supply.
[re]make – designs that allow easy, cost-effective disassembly and re-use of parts at end of life.
[re]create – customized designs – encouraging a lasting bond between owner and object.
[re]spond – sociable designs which invite interaction with others.
[re]mind – designs given character by their history – reminding us to treasure what has lasted.
[re]use – designs making creative use of readymade objects and components.
[re]cycle – designs from reprocessed waste materials.
[re]claim – designs using waste materials in the raw.

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